Mt. Otorten “Mountain of Death”

Russia’s remote Mt. Otorten “Mountain of Death” where in 1959, nine hikers were found burned and mutilated by an undetermined cause. Watch Ancient Aliens “Aliens and Evil Places” (S03E10)  particularly from 10.23 minutes.


5 responses to “Mt. Otorten “Mountain of Death”

  1. Some of the facts have been misrepresented from what I have researched.

    The bodies weren’t “burned”, just discolored which can be explained by the remains being exposed to frost and sunlight. The bodies were not found and retrieved for days and in some cases weeks.

    And the radioactivity has been described as “minute” and on only two of the men. This can be explained by the use of a type of lantern common in the ’50s that often left small traces of radiation on the clothes and belongings of those who used them. (The team may not have had one of those lanterns for this last trek, but since all were experienced hikers and skiers, odds are that the contamination could have happened at an earlier date/trip.) Remember, minute amounts of radiation do not cause radiation sickness (even if causing cancer, etc, later), and in classic radiation sickness, the onset of the symptoms, except of a sunburn-like redness of the skin, doesn’t develop until days later.

    Another hypothesis suggested is avalanche. That would explain much. The roar waking them in the middle of the night, the panic and cutting the tent, running away half-dressed, the bodies with avalanche consistent injuries buried under snow in a low spot, broken tree limbs, the strange pattern and/or absence of footprints for some of the victims, the survivors climbing trees, scavenging clothes off the bodies of the dead, the difficulty in returning to their camp, and the condition of the tent, etc.

  2. I don’t know much about hiking, but that is a good explanation of what has happened. I’m going to assume that the rest of the story was made up

    • Skeptics always assume what about the dimond planet wise ass we are not alone in this universe and also try living inside a house that makes noise and opens cabinets slams doors and makes every body angry for five years. What are you going to say the wind does it blame it on ideas and assumptions

  3. an avalanche?? There eyes were missing.. and what about the apparent aging of the bodies their families reported? And how do you find someones body if its been buried in an avalanche? did they dig the bodies out of the snow? If so I dont beleive that was reported. Im not trying to be a pro UFO freak or anything like that and im no expert on any of this but does this incident really sound consisitant with avalanche reports… Seriously?

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