The Entity


 The Entity(1982), a movie that opens with a woman being raped in her bed by an invisible being—and which is based on the events that befell Doris Bither of Culver City, California in the early ’70s. According to the paranormal investigators who looked into her case (Doris begged them for help after overhearing their conversation in a bookstore), she was a complete mess: alcoholic, constantly drunk, abused by her parents, and abusive toward her own sons. She would also periodically be physically assaulted by three entities nobody could see, and to the investigators there was little disputing their authenticity—a room full of them saw it with their own eyes.

As Doris began cursing at and otherwise provoking whatever the entities were, lights appeared around the room, followed by a swirling green mist in the corner, in which the shape of a man’s upper body appeared. Just the shape, no facial features; just a disembodied torso in the swirling green mist, and that’s when one of the investigators fainted.The photos captured during the incident don’t show exactly what the investigators described; that’s two of them above. Doris and her troubled family—some investigators think that the three entities were psychic projections of Doris’ hostility toward her three sons—haven’t been heard from since the 1980s.


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