Love gives hope!!



It is an achingly touching symbol of the love that binds a mother and son. A two-year-old boy chews the food for his disabled mother and feeds it to her mouth to mouth – months after she awoke from a coma to meet him for the first time.

In 2010, an expectant mother named Zhang Rongxiang was in a terrible car crash. The crash caused her to slip into a coma. Doctors were stunned to discover that she was with child. They cared for her, letting the baby grow for five months. Then, they delivered him via C-section and the baby had miraculously survived the trauma.

Ever since his birth, Gao Qianbo stayed by his mother’s side as she stayed in a coma. Her son even learned to feed her by chewing her food and transferring it to her via mouth-to-mouth. Then suddenly and miraculously to doctor’s astonishment, she awoke to the sound of his little voice in May this year.She was ecstatic to meet the beautiful baby she was pregnant with when she slipped into the coma.

Love gives hope!!


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