Alien Technology Discovered in Man’s Tooth ?



One of the strangest things happened to sixty-seven year Wally Hanson, a retired police officer from Albany, New York. While visiting his dentist for a yearly check-up, a mystifying metallic object was discovered in his tooth. According to Mr. Hanson, he has no idea how the mysterious implant arrived and his dentist, Dr. Fred Wallington, said that Hanson’s X-ray a year ago, came up clean.  There were no scares, rips, or tears, suggesting that the device was implanted; it just appeared there.

 Mr. Hanson immediately contacted the FBI, who was interested in its findings. He was then flown into Washington DC to undergo extensive tests. The FBI’s forensic medical investigations concluded that the object in Hanson’s mouth was a transmitter of sorts and that it was not only transmitting frequency signals, but also receiving them. No one, at this point, knows what these frequencies are transmitting.

It was reported by Dr. Bernard of the FBI, that Mr. Hanson doesn’t seem to be effected by the device. The National Reporter interview the agent and here is what they found…

According to Ace Flashman at the The National Reporter:

The National Reporter – How often does the implant send out signals?

“We’re not sure, but it seems to be at least four times a day. They are very short and easy to miss, so there may be more.  Some of them only last for a hundredth of a second, but despite the short transmission time, there is a lot of information being exchanged.”

The National Reporter – Do you have any idea who or what put the implant in Mr. Hanson’s tooth?

“Not yet, but it can be anything from some kind of marketing device placed in there by a corporation or a foreign government using it to spy on us. And we aren’t counting out extra terrestrial’s either.”

The National Reporter – Do you have any idea’s what the signals are saying?

“They are in some kind of code, but it isn’t the usual binary code.  This is weird, it’s in some sort of quad code.  So far we haven’t been able to make heads or tails out of it.”

The National Reporter – Have you tried to remove it?

“Yes, and when we did the implant immediately lost power and shut down.  Apparently it is rigged to disable itself if the tooth is removed, so we have to study it while it is in Mr. Hanson’s mouth.


No code has been deciphered as of yet and at this point we are left to believe it very well could be alien in nature….

This may sound a little far fetched and some will shout Photoshop, but that is not the answer to every photo out there. Either way, I’ll leave that up to you to decide…


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